See PQView's Big Data Role in the Smart GridPQView® is a multi-component software system developed by Electrotek Concepts® and EPRI® for building and analyzing databases of power, power quality, and energy measurements.  PQView integrates data from digital relays, fault recorders, power quality monitors, smart meters, and SCADA historians into an open relational database.

PQView's FaultPoint® Module for Fault Location and Fault Analysis automatically combine electric power systems recordings with data from SCADA, GIS, and network models to provide estimated fault location and to send an alarm to the operations personnel, reducing time to locate faults by hours. The module also offers in-depth analysis of historical permanent faults, incipient faults, inrush waveforms, and fuse operations.

PQView's Automatic Reporting Software (ARS) prepares automatic reports in Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat PDF format. These reports automatically summarize power quality monitoring campaigns or summarize compliance with IEEE 519, IEEE 1453, IEC TS 62749, and EN 50160. Users can create custom compliance reports as well.

PQView Answer Modules® automatically assess the health and direction of capacitor switching, record reactive power changes, and the direction of voltage sags.

PQView Sales Information

PQView Integrates Data from Power Quality Monitors, Digital Relays, Fault Recorders, Smart Meters, and SCADA Databases (Click for larger diagram)

What can you do with PQView?

  • Store Billions of Power System Monitoring Measurements in an ODBC Database
  • Import /Export IEEE PQDIF and COMTRADE
  • Integrate Data from 50 Different Systems
  • Define and Schedule Automatic Compliance Reports using ARS
  • Share Data via Web Browsers on an Intranet/Internet using PQWeb®
  • Perform Voltage Sag and Fault Event Analysis
  • Export Charts & Tables to Microsoft Word
  • Derive Power Quality Indices
  • Send Email Notifications
  • Compute IEEE 1564 SARFI Indices
  • Build EN 50160 Compliance Tables
  • Build Norwegian NVE 1557 Compliance Tables
  • Analyze Rapid Voltage Change Events
  • Correlate PQ and Fault Events with SCADA
  • Compute Phasors, Symmetrical Components, Line Frequency, THD, and Harmonics from Waveforms
  • Create Data Log Trends, Histograms, Profiles, Scatter Charts, and Statistical Summary Tables
  • Generate ITIC, SEMI-F47, and Custom Voltage Sag Magnitude-Duration Charts
  • Summarize Voltage Sags using IEC 61000-2-8, 61000-4-11, and UNIPEDE DISDIP Tables
  • Identify, Analyze, and Locate Faults
  • Determine Voltage Sag Source Direction
  • Assess Capacitor Bank Health
  • Estimate Load Growth
  • Benefit from Worldwide Collaboration of PQView Users Group