2017 Asian PQView User Group Meeting

2017 July 27-29
Taiyuan, ShanXi Province, China


Twin Pagoda Temple in Taiyuan, ShanxiPQView® is a Microsoft Windows desktop application for building databases of electric power measurements.  PQView has evolved into a comprehensive database system for centralizing data from many different types of metering systems including power quality monitors, digital fault recorders, electronic relays, and SCADA systems.  PQWeb® is a Microsoft Windows server application that enables web browsers to query measurements stored in a PQView database via a corporate intranet or the Internet.  This user group meeting includes both formal presentations and hands-on computer workshop lessons that focus on the past, present, and future developments of both PQView and PQWeb. 

Who Should Attend

Electric utility engineers, plant engineers, technicians, and managers involved in management or analysis of electrical systems power measurements


The meeting will include presentations and tutorials from PQView experts and case studies by PQView users throughout Asia.  The following is a tentative list of meeting topics: 

  • What is New with PQView?
  • PQ Monitoring and Fault Data Analytics at Con Edison
  • Using Full-Time Power Quality Monitoring as an Asset Management Tool
  • Voltage Sag Reporting using ION Meters & PQView at SRP
  • Overview of IEEE Std 1564 Guide for Voltage Sag Indices
  • Update on the IEEE P1159.3 PQDIF Revision Project
  • User Presentations of PQMS Systems in China
  • Demonstration of PQWeb 4
  • Automatic Reporting System for PQView
  • Overview of PQView 4 Software Developers Kit (SDK)
  • Status Update of PQView 4 Collaborative Development Project
  • Compatibility of PQView 3 and 4 with Windows and Other Software
  • Open Questions
  • Overview of PQView 3 and Importing Data Sources (Optional PQView Training)
  • Viewing Events and Data Logs with PQView 3 (Optional PQView Training)

Conference Hotel

Kempinski Hotel Taiyuan
No. 115-1 Changfeng Street 030006 Taiyuan, Shanxi, China

About Taiyuan

Taiyuan is the capital and largest city of Shanxi province in North China. It is one of the main manufacturing bases of China. Throughout its long history, Taiyuan was the capital or provisional capital of many dynasties in China, hence gave it the alternate name of the "Dragon City".

One of the main tourist destinations is Shanxi Museum, which is among the largest museums in China. The twin pagodas of Yongzuo Temple, which are featured in the emblem of the city, have been a symbol of Taiyuan for a long time. The Chongshan Monastery, Longtan Park, and Yingze Park are popular tourist destinations. 

Technical Contact and Registration

Terry Chandler, Asia Manager, Dranetz and Electrotek
+1-662-373-6340 | tchandler@dranetz.com