Capacitor Switching Answer Module

The Capacitor Switching Answer Module® is an optional add-in module for PQView that accepts any device compatible with PQView that provides voltage and current waveform data.

Capacitor Switching Transients Are Difficult to Pinpoint

Although capacitors provide voltage support and correct displacement power factor on power distribution lines, capacitor switching transients are the second most common power quality event, after voltage sags. Capacitor switching transients can disrupt any load that cannot tolerate overvoltage subcycle transients, including adjustable speed drives, data communication systems, and process controls. The voltage transients can also travel long distances, in some cases becoming magnified on low voltage busses and in virtually all cases making the location and cause of the problem difficult to identify.

Accurate Results and Assessment of the Diagnosis

The Capacitor Switching Answer Module automatically identifies capacitor switching transients and determines the direction (upstream or downstream) from the monitoring point. The Answer Module supports grounded, ungrounded, and back-to-back capacitor configurations.  It will identify magnification and restrike events. Proprietary algorithms and Poynting vector analysis produce accurate results. Confidence of the diagnosis is then automatically assessed and categorized.

Details Available in PQView

The details of each capacitor switching transient are added to the details of the event and are available within PQView's reports. The Capacitor Switching Answer Module does not require users to enter specific setup information, allowing for fast-track startup.  The Answer Module allows you to answer the following questions using PQView:

  • Is the power quality event a capacitor switching transient?
  • Does the capacitor event appear to be normal?
  • Does the capacitor event appear to be magnified?
  • Was the reactive power change on all three phases balanced?
  • What was the reactive power change on each phase? 

The Capacitor Switching Answer Module for PQView employs the same technology available in the Dranetz Signature System® and Encore® Series System.