PQView Integration with DataNode®


Dranetz DataNode 61000The Dranetz DataNode 61000 is a three-phase power quality monitor that records voltage and current waveform and rms samples during power quality events, switching transients, and fault events. It can be programmed to record periodic waveforms and periodic minimum, average, and maximum values in data logs for more than one hundred voltage, current, power, and energy parameters including rms voltage, rms current, voltage THD, harmonic rms current, power factor, line frequency, imbalance, voltage fluctuations (Pst and Plt), harmonics, and more. The meter also has real-time interfaces that provide meter values in tables, phasor charts, and oscillographic displays.

The DataNode 61000 can be configured with different numbers of three-phase voltage and current channels. The basic systems have a three-phase voltage module only (4V), or a three-phase voltage and current module (4V/4I). However, a single monitor can be configured with two voltage and two current modules (8V/8I) for monitoring the three-phase input and output of a UPS. Another configuration allows one voltage with three current modules (4V/12I) in order to allow voltage monitoring of a single bus and current monitoring of up to three distribution feeders or transmission lines supplied by the bus. 

The DataNode 61000 is configured and downloaded using an Ethernet or modem connection by a Microsoft Windows computer running the InfoNode®, which is also called Encore® Series Software (ESS). An InfoNode server can be used to configure and download one or more of the following Dranetz DataNodes: 

  • Dranetz 5530/5520 DataNode
  • Dranetz 5530/5520 DataNode
  • Dranetz 5540 DataNode
  • Dranetz 5560 DataNode
  • Dranetz 5571 DataNode
  • Dranetz 61000 Current DataNode
  • Dranetz 61000 Digital DataNode
  • Dranetz 61000 PQ DataNode
  • Dranetz 61000 Voltage DataNode
  • Dranetz ES210/ES220
  • Dranetz ES230
  • Gossen Metrawatt MAVOSYS 10

Each DataNode has different connection options (e.g., Ethernet, modem, or serial).

PQView Integration with InfoNode & DataNodes using TCP/IP Connection

PQView's Power Quality Data Manager (PQDM) application can use a Dranetz InfoNode as a data source. PQView can be programmed to download PQDIF files from a Dranetz InfoNode on a regular schedule using a TCP/IP connection. The measurements will be imported automatically by PQDM from the PQDIF files.  As an option, the downloaded PQDIF files can be saved in a user-specified folder.

PQView®/DataNode® Integration via InfoNode® (Click for Larger Image)

PQDM can also be used to download one-cycle waveform snapshots from DataNodes managed by the InfoNode server. PQDM can also can be used to view the current status of each DataNode and to view the InfoNode's log tables. PQDM can request the InfoNode to activate, deactivate, and poll selected DataNodes.

PQView is able to handle the different combinations of input modules available with the DataNode 61000 (i.e., 4V, 4V/4I, 8V/8I, and 4V/12I) because the InfoNode treats the different configurations of input modules as "Virtual DataNodes", which each become a PQView "site".