PQView Editions

PQView 3 is available in six editions: PQView Enterprise, PQView Professional, PQView Express, PQView University, PQView Demo, and PQView Trial.

PQView Edition Summary
  Enterprise Pro  Express Univ Demo Trial
Maximum Number of Sites in a PQView Database 2 Billion 50 5 20 10 2 Billion
Stores PQView Database in Microsoft SQL Server Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
Hard-Coded Application End Date No No No Yes No Yes

In PQView terminology, a "site" is a single power quality monitor, a single digital relay, a single revenue meter, or a single line from a digital fault recorder. The design limit for sites in a single database managed by PQView Enterprise is 2147483647, but the practical limit is determined by the specifications of the Microsoft SQL Server computer hosting the PQView database.

PQView Enterprise, PQView Professional, PQView Demo Edition, and PQView Trial Edition support storage of measurements in PQView databases in Microsoft Access format and Microsoft SQL Server format. PQView Express and PQView University Edition support storage of measurements in Microsoft Access format only. However, there is no limit on the number of databases that can be managed by any edition of PQView.

The PQView University Edition is licensed for academic or research use only. It expires at the end of six months. If PQView is still needed for a continuing research project, then a new version valid for another six months will be made available.

The PQView Demo Edition is licensed for sales representatives, distributors, and other resellers of Electrotek Concepts, Dranetz Technologies, and GMC only.

To obtain the PQView Trial Edition, contact pqview@electrotek.com.