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PQView and FaultPoint at Hydro Ottawa

PQView and FaultPoint were featured in a recent article in T&D World Magazine entitled "Power Quality Monitoring Provides Additional Value". It was cowritten by Mark Wojdan of Hydro Ottawa and Daniel Sabin of Electrotek Concepts. It describes how Hydro Ottawa’s central power quality program improves asset reliability while generally lowering operating and maintenance expenses.


Daniel Sabin Named Recipient of IEEE PES Award for Excellence in Power Distribution Engineering

The IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) has named Daniel Sabin of Electrotek Concepts as the recipient of the 2018 IEEE PES Award for Excellence in Power Distribution Engineering. This award was established to recognize engineering contributions that have enhanced the quality and economy of electric power distribution.

Dan designs and develops software algorithms and libraries to automate distribution fault location in the PQView® FaultPoint® Add-in Module. Dan developed the first software module to combine measurements from power quality monitors & microprocessor relays, distribution circuit models, and geographic information system (GIS) to provide automatic fault location based on reactance calculations. FaultPoint is used by electric distribution operation departments throughout North America. It plays a major role in reducing the time to find both overhead and underground faults, in lowering O&M expenses, and in reducing the average interruption time experienced by each customer (CAIDI).

Dan earned the Award for Excellence in Power Distribution Engineering because of his “contributions in power quality monitoring and related indicators for fault location in distribution systems.”

The full list of 2018 IEEE PES Society-Level Award Recipients is posted online. Each will be honored at the Awards Ceremony at the PES General Meeting in Portland, Oregon on Tuesday, August 7, 2018.


2018 European PQView User Group Meeting

The PQView User Group Meeting was held in in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 17-19 May 2018. The meeting was attended by 20 people from Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, and the United States.

Presentations are available online.


2018 European PQView User Group Meeting

The European PQView User Group Meeting will be hosted by Elektro Ljubljana and will be held 17-18 May 2018 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. More information is posted on the event information page. To register for the 2018 European PQView Users Group Meeting, use this website: www.regonline.com/PQViewEuro2018

December 2017 PQView Newsletter Published

December 2017 PQView NewsThe December 2017 PQView Users Group newsletter is available for download. It has the following stories: