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2017 Asian PQView User Group Meeting

The 2017 Asian PQView User Group Meeting will be held July 27-29 in Taiyuan, ShanXi Province, China.

The meeting will include presentations and tutorials from PQView experts and case studies by PQView users throughout Asia.

Taiyuan is the capital and largest city of Shanxi province in North China. It is one of the main manufacturing bases of China. Throughout its long history, Taiyuan was the capital or provisional capital of many dynasties in China, hence gave it the alternate name of the "Dragon City."


2017 North American PQView Users Group Meeting

Sacramento Tower BridgeThe 2017 North American PQView User Group Meeting and Workshops will be held June 22-23 in Sacramento, California, USA. The meeting will be co-hosted by EPRI and Electrotek Concepts.

The PQView Users Group Meeting will take place at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Sacramento. This is the same location as the 2017 EPRI Grid Analytics & Power Quality Conference & Exhibition, which will be held June 19-21.

2016 North American PQView Users Group Meeting

The North American PQView User Group Meeting was held in San Diego, California, USA on December 5-7, 2016. The meeting was attended by 26 people from Canada and the United States. Presentations are available on online.


2016 Ghent User Group Meeting Presentations

The European Group Meeting was held in Ghent, Belgium on 2016 May 23-23. The meeting was attended by more than 30 people from Belgium, Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Norway, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Presentations and photos from the meeting are online.


PQDiffractor 2.7.3 Released

PQDiffractor® is a free PQDIF viewer and free COMTRADE viewer written by Electrotek Concepts for viewing, browsing, diagnosing, and converting PQDIF files and COMTRADE files, and is a free software download from www.pqview.com.

The COMTRADE file viewer was updated to read the last analog or digital channel of the COMTRADE file. Previous versions would set all values to null for the last channel.

The following menu commands were added to the Window menu when using the PQDIF viewer and the COMTADE Viewer: Tile Horizontally, Tile Vertically, Cascade, and Arrange Icons.

The Close All menu command did not work when viewing COMTRADE files. This was corrected.