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PQView 3.78.0 Released

PQView 3.78.0 is available for download. Here are some highlights for this release:

PQDIF File Importing: We made changes to allow import of observation records that have up to 16 million samples. In previous versions of PQView, no more than one million samples could be imported from a single observation record.

Automatic COMTRADE File Download using FTP: It is now possible to have PQView’s PQ Data Manager download COMTRADE files automatically from a remote FTP folder before data source import.

Better Multithreading: We revised PQView’s thread locking code to better support data source import of multiple PQDM instances running on the same computer that are run as a service using third-party applications like FireDaemon.

Updated Data Handlers: The following data handlers were updated: IEEE® PQDIF Annex C Folder, IEEE® COMTRADE Folders, SATEC PAS Database, ION Enterprise®/StruxureWare® Database, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories® (SEL) Event Report Folders, and System Loads

CYMDIST Database Data Handler: We updated this data handler to compute impedance for line geometries modeled using the average geometric arrangement method and to process line sections that have load tap changer models.

I²T Calculations: PQView will now compute accumulated I²t for the phases involved in the fault.


PQView 3.69.0 Released

PQView® 3.69.0 is available for download.  Here are some highlights for this release:

  • Data Handler Updates: We updated the data handlers used to import from the following data store formats: IEEE COMTRADE files, Dranetz ESS/InfoNode servers, GridSense PowerView CSV Folder, Qualitrol QIS databases, SATEC PAS Databases, and Schneider Electric ION Enterprise databases.
  • PQDIF Data Handler Updates: The PQDIF data handler was updated to be more compatible with a wider variety of PQDIF files that are compliant with IEEE Std 1159.3.
  • CYMDIST Data Handler: We added an option to the CYMDIST data handler to convert from custom coordinate systems such as state plane to coordinate systems based on latitude and longitude.
  • GroundedPower Monitoring Data Files: We added a new window for importing from text files generated by the Tendril/GroundedPower web system.
  • Virtual Sites: You can now derive data for virtual sites that have voltages transformed by one to four transformer connections.  The transformer connections available include Wye/Wye, Delta/Wye, Delta/Delta, Wye/Delta, and Ungrounded Wye/Delta.  The nominal base voltage for the output voltages can be specified in line-neutral or line-line.
  • PQ Event Viewer: We added event list and event roll shortcuts for events that have been processed by the optional Sag Direction Answer Module and the Capacitor Switching Answer Module.
  • Harmonic Statistical Summary: We overhauled the window that displays harmonic statistical charts and updated it to allow three-phase summary charts.
  • Microsoft Graph:  We upgraded numerous non-interactive charts that were dependent upon Microsoft Graph.  Microsoft Graph was the chief charting engine used by PQView 1.0 and PQView 2.0, but was replaced with a faster interactive charting engine in PQView 3.0.  The remaining charts in PQView that still use Microsoft Graph were renamed as  obsolete.  If you are using a chart marked obsolete, let us know, because they will be removed from a future version of PQView.