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Electrotek Concepts Partners with OSIsoft

Electrotek Concepts® is now a partner with OSIsoft® in developing software applications that are designed to work with OSIsoft products.  

At present, PQView can be integrated with an OSIsoft PI System® using PI OLEDB Provider and/or PI SDK. These functions are currently supported:

  • Import measurements from a PI System server to a PQView database
  • Export measurements from a PQView database to a PI System server
  • Correlate SCADA operations stored in a PI server with power quality and fault events stored in a PQView database

For pricing and availability for the optional data handler that enables PQView to interface with PI, send an inquiry to pqview@electrotek.com.


PQView 3.58.0 Released

PQView 3.58.0 has been posted for download.  Here are some highlights of this release: 

Updated Data Handlers

We updated the data handlers for importing from IEEE Std 37.111 COMTRADE Folders, the Dranetz-BMI ESS/InfoNode®, the Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories® (SEL) EVE Folders, and the SCADA Database for Alabama Power Company.

New and Updated Optional Data Handler for OSIsoft PI System

We updated the optional data handler for importing from OSISoft® PI System server using PI OLEDEB. We also added support for a new optional data handler that can import directly from an OSIsoft PI System server using PI SDK. The data handler has an additional support to export of steady-state value logs from a PQView database to a PI Server. This is the first time we have constructed a data handler to operate for either import or export.

In another mode, we have added functionality that allows fault events in a PQView database to be correlated with breaker operations from the PI Server. This means that PQView can now tell you not only that a fault has occurred, but also where the fault happened (using the optional Reactance to Fault Add-in Module) and which feeder downline of the monitor has opened automatically due to a protection operation.

If you or a colleague in your company has data that should be integrated or federated using PQView, contact us for the details on how this data handler can be used.

Updated Chinese Translation Table

We updated the table used to present a translated user interface in the PQView PQ Data Manager and PQ Data Analyzer. If you want to learn how to add translations to PQView to have the interface in a language other than English or Chinese, contact us and we will explain the process.

Fault Location using CYMDIST Databases

We added support for importing impedance data and map coordinates from CYMDIST databases specified by CYME International T&D . This support is built into PQView’s optional Reactance-to-Fault add-in module. If you are a user of the optional reactance-to-fault add-in module, and want to use CYMDIST databases for fault location, then contact us to find out how to download and install an updated version of the add-in module.

PQ Data Analyzer Updates

We updated the PQ Event Roll, the Harmonic Measurement Viewer, the Fault Viewer, and Load Forecast Tool. For example, you can now view waveform charts using an inverse FFT algorithm using the Harmonic Measurement Viewer.


PQView 3.57.0 Released

PQView 3.57.0 has been posted for download.  Highlights of this release include improved IEEE COMTRADE file processing and file viewing and support for optional data handlers for OSIsoft PI Server and Unipower PQ Secure databases.


OSIsoft PI Data Handler

You can now import measurements from OSIsoft® PI Server systems using the new optional PI Data Handler for PQView. Current support includes importing PQView steady-state samples from PI tag events.  For pricing and availability for this optional data handler, send an inquiry to pqview@electrotek.com.