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Update to 1999 Knoxville User Group Meeting Presentations

Rusty Nelson's presentation on tracking cause and source information for voltage sags was added to the meeting presentation archive.  The method of tracking causes and sources of events using system events was initially an add-in module for San Diego Gas & Electric but it became a built-in feature of PQView 3.


2011 Split User Group Meeting Presentations

The 2011 European PQView Users Group Meeting was held on 3-4 October in Split, Croatia.  The meeting was attended by twenty-seven people from Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Norway, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, and the United States.  Presentations and photos from the meeting and are available online.


2011 Boston User Group Meeting Presentations

The 2011 North American PQView Users Group Meeting was held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center on September 15 and was attended by twenty people from Canada and the United States.  Presentations from the meeting and associated workshops are available online.


User Group Meeting Presentations from 1998

Presentations from the 1998 PQView Users Group Meeting are now available online.  This was the third annual PQView Users Group Meeting and it was held in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA.  The archive includes presentations by Electrotek Concepts, Detroit Edison, and Duke Power.  The meeting focused on PQView updates, the IEEE P1159.2 Task Force on voltage sag characterization, integration of PQView with lightning data, the Power Quality State Estimation Manager add-in for PQView, and the Special Manufacturing Contracts between Detroit Edison and Ford Motor Company, General Motors Corporation, and DaimlerChrysler.