PQView Integration with PQNode®

The Dranetz PQNode is a three-phase power quality monitor that records voltage and current waveform and rms samples during power quality events, switching transients, and fault events. It can be programmed to record periodic waveforms and periodic minimum, average, and maximum values in data logs for more than one hundred voltage, current, power, and energy parameters including rms voltage, rms current, voltage THD, harmonic rms current, power factor, line frequency, imbalance, harmonics, and more. Some models have a real-time interface that provide meter values in tables, phasor charts, and oscillographic displays.

The following Dranetz PQNode monitors can be integrated into PQView via download using the Electrotek/Dranetz Encore Series Software (ESS). ESS is also known as the InfoNode server software.

  • Dranetz PQNode 8010
  • Dranetz PQNode 8020
  • Dranetz PQNode 7100
  • Dranetz PQNode 7100-S

PQView Integration with InfoNode & PQNodes using Modem and TCP/IP Connections

PQView's Power Quality Data Manager (PQDM) application can use a Dranetz InfoNode as a data source. PQView can be programmed to download PQDIF files from a Dranetz InfoNode on a regular schedule using a TCP/IP connection. The measurements will be imported automatically by PQDM from the PQDIF files.  As an option, the downloaded PQDIF files can be saved in a user-specified folder.

PQView®/PQNode® Integration via InfoNode® (Click for Larger Image)

Using the InfoNode server software to download a PQNode has these added benefits:

  • Download on 32-bit or 64-bit Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10
  • Download on 32-bit or 64-bit Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and 2012
  • Use beyond the year 2015, which is the end-date for the software application for PASS. PASS® is the PQNode Application and System Software, which is the 16-bit application used to setup and download PQNode 8010 monitors.
  • Better time syncrononization