PQView Integration with PQube®

A PQube is a three-phase power quality and energy monitor built by PSL Power Standards Labs®. The PQube does not come with software, but it does come with a built-in web server and report writer. However, if you have several PQubes, or you need more sophisticated reporting, PQView is an ideal software choice.

PQView can be integrated automatically with PQube monitors in two ways: download by InfoNode or email using SMTP.

Integration using a Dranetz/Electrotek InfoNode Server

When PQube monitors are integrated using a Dranetz® Encore Series® Software (ESS) InfoNode® Server, download is completed by a multi-threaded background service. More than one PQube can be downloaded at one time, and measurements are downloaded to an IEEE PQDIF Annex C Folder. PQDIF files are a widely-used open file format specified in IEEE® Std. 1159.3-2003, which is maintained by the Power Quality Subcommittee of the IEEE Power & Energy Society.

The basic installation of the InfoNode software does not include the ability to download PQubes; you need the PQube Data Handler Module (SWPSL). Both the InfoNode software and the PQube data handler are available from Electrotek Concepts. For more information, contact pqview@electrotek.com.

PQView®/PQube® Integration via InfoNode® (Click for Larger Image)

Here are some benefits to using the InfoNode for collecting measurements from PQubes:

  • The InfoNode runs as a multi-threaded service, meaning many PQubes can be downloaded simultaneously in parallel.
  • The InfoNode service can download measurements from other meters, including Dranetz DataNodes and SEL relays, so it can act as the single application used to download all measurements used in a large-scale power monitoring system.
  • The InfoNode service utilizes standard HTTP to communicate with PQubes.
  • The InfoNode service renames the PQDIF files in ISO 8601 format, which is the recommended exchange method for IEEE Std 1159.3 Annex C.

Integration using SMTP

When PQube monitors are integrated using email, then an SMTP server is specified in the setup of the PQube. The PQube automatically sends IEEE PQDIF files as attachments to an email client using the SMTP server. The client application (for example, Microsoft® Outlook) can save the measurements to an exchange folder using scripts. PQView's PQ Data Manager application can then be configured to import the measurements from each folder automatically. 

PQView®/PQube® Integration via Email (Click for Larger Image)

Other Integration Options

PQDIF files can be downloaded from PQubes in other ways, such as manual download using the PQube's web server interface or automatic file synching using a third-party applications such as Wget