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Request a Feature Change or Report an Issue

Welcome to the Feature Request and Bug Report Submission Form. Use this form report software defects or issues, to request new features, or to suggest modifications to existing features to PQView and other related software applications.

Bugs are unexpected defects, faults, flaws, or imperfections in a computer program. PQView's developers want to know about all reproducible bugs that may be encountered.  For this information to be useful and enable us to resolve the bug, we need detailed and specific information.  Please do not include multiple bugs in one report. If you have seen more than one problem, file separate reports to keep them distinct from each other.

Make sure that the bug is reproducible.  That is, when you perform the same actions as the first time you encountered the bug, you will encounter the same bug again. Include the specific steps needed to reproduce the bug with as much detail as possible. In the following fields, include what you expected to happen, and what actually did happen.

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